School Museum


Guru HarkrishanPublic School, Vasant Vihar has one of the Best Museums which has unique artifacts related to our history. It is indeed a place to learn and see our past heritage in the light of today thereby to build the future.



A huge/spacious and well ventilated school canteen is there that provides fresh snacks, cold drinks, working lunch, easily affordable  for staff and students. Inorder to ensure the quality of eatables and drinks provided by the Canteen contractor, a supervisory team is formed.

 Cloth shop

The school has a cloth shop which provides uniforms for the students in the school. In order to maintain the colour combinations, shade and the type of stitching, parents are requested to purchase school uniforms from the authorised school cloth contractor at the rates approved by the school authorities.


There is a bookshop in the premises of the school which caters to all the needs of the students. Students are forbidden to buy and purchase books/stationery from outside for want of proper size of books and notebooks etc. These rates are approved by the school authorities.

School Bank

Keeping in view, the convenience of parents and students, the school has opened a branch of Punjab & Sind Bank in the premises of school Administrative block. Parents and students must deposit the fee in the bank counter on the given dates only, failing which Rs. 10/- per day, late fee fine will be charged.

 Medical Facilities



All students of this school are medically examined twice a year and if some serious disease is detected parents are informed accordingly. The Medical Room is serviced by a trained, experienced, capable and efficient school Doctor. Besides there is a regular qualified and trained Nurse, an assistant Nurse and an attendant to assist the Doctor.



  The Library is the nerve center of the school. It provides material to supplement and enrich instruction and guidance given in the classroom. As the school caters to a wide range, we have organized library services differently at different stages.

In the Primary Segment, the school follows the class library system. According to this a set of about 50 books as per the standard of the students is provided to the class teacher. She issues books to the students

by rotation. Students of the Middle and Senior Segments of the school have fixed library periods, in which they visit the main library of the school to read magazines, periodicals and books. Besides this, they utilize these periods for getting the books issued for themselves.

For better utilization of the school library all students are advised to keep following points in mind:

Library books, magazines and furniture are the property of the school and must not be marked, damaged or removed from the library without permission.

A Borrower card is issued to each student at the beginning of the year and books are issued to them on the presentation of these card. If the card is lost, a payment of Rs.15 must be made to obtain a new card. The borrower’s card must be returned to the library whenever a student leaves the school.

Books can be (taken and got drawn) issued from the library and kept for a week in the first instance. If at the end of this time, a student has not finished reading the book, he/she can have it re-issued provided it is restamped by the Librarian. Students who keep books for over a week without having them restamped will be fined at the rate of Rs.2/- per day for the number of days the book is over due. In case a book is lost the student must pay the cost of it (and a fine of Rs. 15/-.)

Reference books and magazines are not issued. They should be consulted in the library only.

Students should maintain a record of library books read by them in the appropriate Performa. given in the Almanac.