Junior Wing

1. Any damage done to school property by the student/students shall have to be compensated.

2. Parents are requested to encourage their children to be free, frank and courageous. Incase they find any lost thing in the school, they should deposit the same with the Principal’s P.A. They will be suitably honored and appreciated by the school Principal for their honesty and kindness.


1. Parents must ensure that their wards Books/Notebooks Blazers/Shoes etc. are properly labeled with the child’s name and class written on them. It is advisable that even names are written on school bags.

2. Parents are also requested to fill in all the required and relevant information in the students’ Almanac school diary and put their specimen signature there.

3. All books and notebooks of the students should be properly covered.

Respect for Teachers

Students should always gracefully respect their teachers in school or even in social gatherings or other public places etc. They should develop confidence in themselves and introduce their parents to the concerned teacher.

Discipline in School Bus

Students are expected to maintain discipline in the school buses while coming and going from school and offer seats to their juniors on priority basis. They should also help the young in boarding the school bus and placing their bags on proper places. Students should not use foul and abusive language in buses. In case of any problem they should report to the concerned teacher present in the school bus instead of quarrelling and indulging in fights etc. We expect full cooperation and discipline from each one of our students. Students should stand in queue to board a bus and not push or give jerks to fellow passengers etc.

Special Sections

Learning is life. We learn so many things throughout our life. Our every step is towards learning. Now- a-days the trend in education of slow learners, is integrated education which would train the slow learners to cope up with the demands in community and on the other hand to teach normal students by virtue of being exposed to slow learners to accept them Keeping in view this importance of social and educational need, Guru Harkrishan Public School, Vasant Vihar, is well equipped with a capable faculty. Mr.S.S.Minhas, the principal, has taken great pains in making arrangements for special sections of slow learners.Special education is imparted to those children who are unable to go ahead. There are 15 students in our special section and two teachers for guiding them. By using special techniques and different teaching methods they improve their learning capabilities and retaining power. The students have been divided into three groups. One is of slow learners, second is of mildly retained children, and third is of moderately retained children. They are integrated with different subjects. Few students are very good in maths. Some of them can operate the computer very well. Some of the students are very good in dance, playing cricket, swimming, art, etc. Therapies are also given in our school such as speech and occupational. Our main aim is to impart basic and functional education and to make them self-dependant. Required therapies are also used here. Special facilities are also provided such as computer training, art, music, cooking, stitching, swimming, dance, sports, etc.

The students who are slow in studies or those who are unable to cope up with the other students of same class. If a child is unable to perform as other students of his class are performing. It means there is some problem with that child. There may be several reasons. We at G.H.P.S., Vasant Vihar are imparting a special education.

Special education means specially designed programmed which handles the unique needs of an exceptional child with special materials, teaching techniques, equipments and other facilities.

For improving there speech problem speech therapy is given and for developing their muscles tone, body balance and trunk control occupational therapy is given to the students.

We take up with different activities for their over all development.