Physics Laboratory

Physics Lab of G.H.P.S Vasant Vihar is a well-equipped lab with a good infrastructure where around 20 students can be perform the experiments at a time. There are around 200 different types of instruments on which the experiments are based. it has a teachers room and a store room also it is any and properly ventilated with good light arrangement .

Physics faculty consists of three seniors teachers and a lab assistant to guide the students. Practical skills of the students are developed by stressing upon ‘learning by doing’ and intellectual skills are developed by teaching them problem solving and decision making techniques. A fire extinguisher has been installed in the laboratory to avoid any miss happening. A small library has been developed by faculty to help the students.

Chemistry Laboratory


Riding down life’s highway is hard work. You owe it yourself to have fun along the way and that is exactly what chemistry practical do.

Chemistry lab of our school is spacious, well lit and well ventilated. Twenty-four students can perform their practical at a time at their workstation. It has a room for teachers where faculty’s three senior teachers available at all times to help and guide students.

The large storeroom houses all the required chemicals, apparatus, physical balances, fire extinguisher and a distillation apparatus to take care of this we have an efficient lab assistant.

Practical conducted from different aspects of theory help students with better understanding and clarity subject.

Change is only constant in Life. We are also in the process of switching over to micro skill experiments shortly.

Maths Laboratory

It is unfortunate that students, parents and society find mathematics a dull, dry and difficult subject, rather they develop phobia towards it. This is due to the fact that subject is taught and learnt in an unrealistic and mechanical way. If mathematics is taught by activity with the involvement of students then it becomes interesting and concept can be retained for a longer period. To make mathematics teaching interesting CBSE suggested the learning of mathematics should be activity oriented and every school must have a mathematics laboratory. Laboratory approach of learning mathematics is based on famous Chinese proverb

 I hear-I forget

I see-I remember

I do-I understand

 Central idea of this proverb is by doing mathematics. Teaching and learning can be more effective, interesting and enjoyable.

 In Guru Harkrishan Public School mathematics laboratory has been set up and students from class III to X are performing activities and regular practical periods have been added to their timetable. 

From this year onwards class IX and X final mathematics paper would be of 80 marks and 20 marks are fixed for internal assessment on practical work in mathematics.

Biology Laboratory

The practical study is a supplement to the theoretical classroom knowledge. Biology lab helps us to understand the subject more precisely.

Biology lab is equipped with all neccasarry materials for all practical related till class XIIth. We have a special museum with preserved specimens and prepared slides for the students. Special attraction is proper lights for the microscopic study nicely illuminate the human skeleton, which shows all the bones of our body. Lab.

Children of different classes visit during practical periods observe and learn about the living organs.

Computer Laboratory

 The school is equipped with an advanced Computer labs with internet facility needed to enhance better computer knowledge to its students.. The main aim of Computer Department is to provide Good Education as well as Dynamic knowledge to the students so that in future they can easily perform their task.