Music Room

We are living in a scientific age when man is man kind endless effort to reach other planets. He is trying to unfold the mysteries of the starry welkin.  Everyday he is making some new inventions for the well being of mankind.  Television tape recorder, wireless, computers, mobiles are some of the example.  He is gaining more and more knowledge on the subjects that are necessary for such discoveries but unfortunately these external objects cannot give man true happiness and contentment, otherwise most of the developed countries would have been living in peace.  We find more unrest among the people of the developed countries unrest among the people of the developed countries who possess all sorts of facilities and equipments.  This is due to the fact that gradually with the machine age people has also become like a machine with only a mind to think and hands to cooperate with it.  He is no better than an animal.  He has lost his heart and also his feelings which could have given some relief to his tiring mind.  Today’s youth are the living example of this who due to frustration, anger, alienation has lost his self-esteem, inner discipline and has resorted to the mal-practices like crime and violence.

Subjects like music and fine arts are the only answer to such a situation which if accommodated in life can stop human being from moving towards a destructive end.  They effects the body mind and heart simultaneously.  The dullness and monotonous routines of daily life are considerably relieved by these fine arts.  This gives intellectual development and at the sometime pleasure to the heart.  Today these has been accepted as a power that can arouse consciousness in the society.

Keeping all these things in mind today most of the school all over the world has incorporated these subjects as must for the children.  Some of the schools has made them compulsory till secondary level.

In this regard the mission of GHPS is to provide opportunities for all the students to develop this potential for musical understanding and expression through exploration, experimentation, exposure and enrichment.  Subjects such as Vocal music, Instrumental music, Dance, Percussion band and Fine Arts has been  as the art education and as a part of S.U.P.W. which are provided to the students according to their interest and ability.

In Vocal Music children are not only taught the various forms of music like bhajan, Shabad, geet modern song, patriotic songs etc. but are also given the training in the basic classical ragas, Voice culture and voice modulation are also an integral part of the regular training for children of all age groups.  They get an extensive knowledge of ragas while doing the Shabad, which are sung mostly in the ‘nirdharit’ ragas as mentioned in the ‘Guru Granth Sahib’  Playing Harmonium is also a part of course.

Inter House, Inter School competition and shows at the stage gives the children an exposure and provides them a platform to judge themselves.  Time to time students of GHPS has participated in numerous competitions winning number of awards and prizes, bringing laurels to the school as well as for themselves.  Some of the students who has practically taken this subject as a profession and has done remarkable job.