School Mission

1. To provide secular education to students from all communities.

2. The school is dedicated to providing the highest possible levels of excellence in all aspects of education including academic, cultural and sporting.

3. To provide value and result oriented education .

4. At the level of individual students, the school will encourage each student to strive to achieve his/her personal best.

5. To provide the latest in curricular frame work in the field of education.

6. The school will continue to review its role both in creating and reflecting social, cultural, economic and technical changes.

7. To inculcate amongst students a sense of pride for nationalism, community and love for universal brotherhood.

8. The school emphasizes the qualities of simplicity, integrity, tolerance and cooperation in all aspects of life.

9. To provide congenial environment for students, all round personality development and character building.

10. To encourage students to follow the Sikh religion and belief.

11. To encourage students to enter into different professional colleges and accordingly guide them.

12. The school prepares students well so that they will easily adapt to the living & environmental conditions of the present and the future society.

13. The school inculcates a sense of unity, brotherhood and love for the country.

14. The school also guides students to appear in various competitive professional colleges and to seek admission to other such like professions