Smart Learn Classes (SLC)

Textbooks, blackboard and classroom education are fast blending in with new age learning technology. GHPS Vasant Vihar in its effort to introduce new age learning in the school has collaborated with Extramarks Education Private Limited.
Extramarks transforms a regular classroom into a technology-enabled classroom by equipping it with the requisite hardware like computer, projector, speakers, etc. and learning software – mapped to school curriculum, based on Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) testing as introduced and made compulsory by the CBSE.

GHPS Vasant Vihar is proud to be associated with Extramarks in providing high quality learning resources to its students, parents and teachers. With experience in pedagogically strong instructional model and digital delivery, it allows high quality content, flexibility of choice and customization. With Extramarks, classroom teaching becomes alive, interesting and interactive for effective learning. It supports and enables an environment that brings interactivity to the classroom learning rather than one way instruction.

Extramarks scientifically researched teaching aids improve the learning in the classroom. EM learning modules focus on the prescribed curriculum, learning goals, understanding levels of the student and the teacher. Extramarks Digital Learning aids have many unique features:


  • Transforms a normal classroom into a digitally advanced Smart Learn Classroom
  • Is equipped with best technological tools and learning facilities
  • Has immense benefit as the study modules flow in an easy, receptive manner
  • Ensures continuity in learning
  • Makes teaching learning process more engaging and effective
  • Facilitates total software support and ensures easy accessibility to quality education
  • Provides state-of-the-art technology enabled teaching environment
  • Offer a strong infrastructure support
  • Allows standardisation of delivery, structured learning content
  • Reduces confusion and enhances classroom teaching experience
  • Enables school to have unlimited access to scientifically designed study material
  • Delivers digital curriculum content mapped as per class, subject and chapter based on school syllabus
  • Layered and hierarchical representation helps easy comprehension of the concept
  • Augments revision, practice and understanding abilities
  • Breaks a person free from the routine of traditional learning through its intelligent eLearning
  • Offers valuable course materials designed exclusively for both K-5 (Junior Content) and VI-XII (Senior Content) classes

Being an ICT (Info Communication Technological) organization, Extramarks through its Smart Learn Class service vies for the full utilisation of information technology in education. Its deliverables are technology based teaching-learning instruments for the usage of schools, students and teachers, thus, providing complete study solutions.